Portal idea

The aim of this portal is to interactively present land consolidation projects implemented across the Europe and described in various academic literature (e.g. books, conference proceedings, scientific journal articles, reports, and thesis) published in English. The interactive WebMap will point to the exact location that was described in an academic publication and provide easy access to the source. WebMap will also serve as a good visual guide showing how many different land consolidation projects were analyzed in academic literature providing a good reference for the key decision makers in the field.

Portal is targeted at members of academia, land management experts/consultants, land consolidation authorities, politicians, municipal and local authorities, farmers’ associations and land owners interested in land consolidation or wanting to find all relevant information in just a few clicks.

 WebMap control

Use Zoom-In (+), Zoom-Out (-) buttons; to return to the initial extent, please click on "home" button; left mouse button to pan the map. Click on the puzzle icon to see more details.

If you cannot find particular information on the WebMap or notice any discrepancies, please contact portal author to have it amended. Contributions are very welcome!

About author

Dr. Giedrius Pašakarnis

In 2015 defended PhD thesis "LAND CONSOLIDATION IN THE CONTEXT OF LITHUANIAN RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND REVITALIZATION“ at the School of the Built Environment, Liverpool John Moores University (UK)

Project manager implementing land consolidation project (638 ha) during 2005-2008 at Mažeikiai district, Lithuania.

I am open for cooperation in scientific and professional areas.